1. what inspires you to create?
     Girls, well, one girl these days.

2. what art skills do you poses? what are your strengths?
Art skills.... hhmm, if I have any skills I think it would be the ability to problem solve. Art is like a math equation. There are many solutions, or ways to get to the solution. I've been able to take on many equations and find a solution to each one. Not sure if that makes any sense. Basically, I understood that there is no right or wrong way of doing art. There are no rules or limits here.
3. how would you describe your artwork? Growing. I love to create space and depth, utilize lighting. But I have so much more to learn. I try to give the viewer a window to another world, to a feeling. I think all my pieces are like mini graphic novels. There is a story or message within every mark.

4. how would you describe your style? how did you develop your style? I would maybe describe it as cartoon surrealism? It is a mixture of graffiti art, comic book art, tattoo art, California culture, pop culture, skateboard art, punk flyers, and 80's cartoons. Take all of that and put it in a cauldron and mix it together. A little of the cash me ouside, how bout dat?!

5. what are your goals as an artist? Growth, to draw and paint as much as I can.

6. what types of gigs would be your ideal projects to work on? I don't have and ideal project. I love to create. I have Kevin Smith syndrome, it's awesome to get asked to do a project. It's a great feeling when some one hires you and says, "you sir, are good enough!". I come home, smoke a bowl and chill. Then I realize I actually have to do the work. Time to put the bowl away, turn off Dora the Explorer, and get to work. Except I don't smoke, so yeah.  

7. what have been some of your favorite/ most interesting jobs/ projects you’ve worked on? Art wise, every project is interesting. Job wise, I had a job doing home conveyance. That sh!t was f#$*d up! I worked in the LA area, went to south central a lot. Let me just tell you, people are savages! I also worked at Third Rail for a bit. Risky helped me out a lot. But one day I came to work, and, uhm, Vivid video was there filming. Yeah, I had to walk up to the office like nothing was happening. All the meanwhile, I can hear some guy's balls smackin up against some girl's ass while she fake screamed. Felt kinda bad for her, but then again, I've watched her videos many a nights. ok, moving on. 

8. what value do you bring to someone who hires you for a project? I don't know. I go hard in the paint. It's really all I can say, I give it my all. I make love to every piece.

9. who have you worked with? The list is long and distinguished. Wait, who's balls have I cradled? ooohhh, worked with. Total different thing. Let's see, Third Rail, Famous Stars and Straps, TSURT, Tribal Gear, Osiris Shoes, Real Skateboards, DLXSF, Box Car Racer, Blink-182, The Used, Nike, Adidas, 311, Bad Religion, Orange County Choppers, Todd muthafuckin McFarlane!, Pearl Jam.... and some other great brands and people. It's been a crazy ride I tell ya. 

10. what’s your message to people who follow you? What the fuck are you thinking??!!!! Honestly, what ever you want to do, do it. Make some sacrifices in life and achieve what ever dream or goal you have. Anyone can pretty much do anything. Don't let the world get in your way. Don't care about what the next person has to say. You're not living for anyone else but yourself. And help out the less fortunate when you can. The world is dark enough. Don't be another asshole. No one is better than anyone else. We all fuckin die in the end. This shit is small and short, so make it sweet...... Let's see, what else? oh yeah, long live The Undertaker!!!